Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Lindsay Wicktor | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Lindsay Wicktor

I started at Dfly after it opened because I was so curious about the “hot” portion of hot yoga. I had never sweat so much in any workout I’d ever done, as I did in my first hot yoga class!

In college I did a free yoga class, at the University of Minnesota. There were hundreds of students. And hundreds of bare feet. (So you can get the rest of the story! The guy in front of me was wearing rather see through running shorts, so when we went to do our first downward facing dog, the 75+ people behind me could not stop laughing). It took me years to recover from this experience! When I moved the Madison I started yoga with a veteran yogi in Verona. She taught each pose and was a stickler about form. This is when my love for yoga started.

I love the guaranteed sweat and opportunity to challenge and strengthen my body. I am stronger and more flexible, and my balance is better. Yoga does amazing things for my mental health too!

I attend 2-5 classes a week. My favorites are flow/core flow, yoga up, and power up. I have recently tried yin (I prefer to move, so yin is a challenge for me!) and I must admit, it’s pretty great!

I’m a mom of two kids and two chocolate labs. I’m a nanny to three other littles and three dogs. At home we refer to hot yoga as “hoga/oga/yoga (my son calls it hoga, one of my friends calls it oga) and my kids ask me daily if I am going! It seems as if they have noticed that I arrive home in a better mood! I adore going to class because, someone tells me what to do! It’s the only time during my day that I think only about what I am doing!

Dfly is a warm, welcoming, knowledgeable yoga community. It’s a guarantee that I will leave Dfly, feeling better than I did when I arrived!

Instructor Tiffany Geier: “Lindsay is the perfect choice for Fitchburg’s YOM! She is a dedicated member who practices with quiet strength and focus. Lindsay takes many of our UP classes at Dragonfly, but she balances out her experience and practice by sprinkling in flows, and yins. Lindsay leads and motivates those around her with an approachable demeanor, and dry sense of humor. I absolutely love having Lindsay in class, as she continues to teach me the meaning of commitment and patience. Congrats Lindsay!!”