Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Lindsay Fisher | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Lindsay Fisher

How did you get started at Dfly?
I got started in October of last year as COVID restrictions began to ease. I had been feeling pretty down – low energy, stressed, isolated – for several months prior to joining. My husband recommended getting a membership as a way to do something good for both my mind and body, and as a way to ensure I was leaving the house at least a few days a week.

What was your yoga/barreamped experience before Dfly?/ What do you enjoy most from attending Dfly classes?
I had done a few hot yoga classes in Chicago while staying there for work and absolutely loved it! I had never tried barre before. Feeling like I am doing something good for myself. I don’t think I have ever put this much effort into something solely related to my own self-improvement.

Have you experienced any changes in your total well-being since taking classes?
Absolutely. I notice very tangible differences in my stress/anxiety level before class vs during and after class. Things I’m worried about tend to melt away after the first few minutes of entering the studio and I have a sense of calm for the rest of the evening. I can also see how much physical progress I am making from month to month. I feel much stronger and more stable both in class and when doing other physical tasks outside of class.

How often do you attend classes? Favorite class?
I try to attend at least 3 times a week, but my goal is to average 4 classes per week. How to pick a favorite?? On the mild side, I absolutely LOVE barre with Belle and Audrey. On the hot side, any class with Jill or Cassie is an absolute delight.

Please feel free to share any other thoughts you have about Dfly, hot yoga, or your life as we would love to know more about you.
I truly cannot overstate how much of a difference my membership at Dragonfly has made in my life. I have never been what I would consider an athletic person. Never played any sports growing up or participated in physical activities (at least if I could avoid it). I was pretty infamous for beginning exercise programs and quitting within a month. I just thought I hated exercise. Your staff at Dragonfly welcomed me in and began teaching me how very wrong I was about that. I have a newfound sense of confidence in my body that I have never had before, and I have Dragonfly to thank for that.

Instructor Jill Merfeld: “Lindsay always shows up for class exuding gratitude, which is immediately contagious. I’m so grateful to have her in class. She has a smile on her face and keeps that smile even when I throw a challenging pose her way. Excited and honored to be part of her yoga journey!”