Middleton Yogi of the Month: Meg Hopton | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Middleton Yogi of the Month: Meg Hopton

How did you get started at Dfly?/ What was your yoga/barreamped experience before Dfly?
I was interested in trying yoga, so I took advantage of a one-month trial promotional offer. None and in fact, I had never even heard of barre before I began at Dfly.

What do you enjoy most from attending Dfly classes?
The classes push me to work harder than I otherwise would on my own. I also enjoy the social aspect of connecting with others who attend class and talking with the instructors.

Have you experienced any changes in your total well-being since taking classes?
I’m happier and calmer when I’m able to attend classes regularly, in addition to feeling physically stronger.

How often do you attend classes? Favorite class?
I take a class 3-4 times per week, including Dfly on Demand. My favorite class is cardio barre followed by Power Up. It’s funny that I originally joined Dfly for yoga, but the classes I enjoy the most are the ones that combine cardio with strength training.

Please feel free to share any other thoughts you have about Dfly, hot yoga, or your life as we would love to know more about you.
The team at Dfly is excellent. They always make me feel welcome and a part of the community. And with everything going on these days, they are always so accommodating relative to how and when I’m able to use my class passes.

Instructor Mary Leigh Flynn: “Meg is an absolute pleasure to have in barre class! As an instructor it is always exciting to have clients who really push themselves and Meg does exactly that! She is there to get a great workout and that is reflected in her form, attitude and energy. Congratulations to Meg for being chosen Yogi of the Month!