Downtown Yogi of the Month: Yi Wang | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Downtown Yogi of the Month: Yi Wang

I started my yoga practice at Dfly shortly after I moved to Madison in summer 2016. The first class I tried was a Yoga Up class and it surprised me that yoga and fitness can be blended so well together. So ever since my first class, I dedicated myself to Dragonfly.

I didn’t have much yoga or fitness experience before Dfly. I had never heard of BarreAmped before I found Dfly.

I enjoy every single class I’ve attended at Dfly. Each class has a unique charm and serves my body and mind in different ways. All the instructors do a good job in offering variations in class and make me feel that my practice is truly about myself. Dfly is truly about “every shape, every size, every person.”

Dfly helped me to develop a routine to take care of myself. I have grown so much both physically and mentally. I love yoga and fitness so much, so I want more people to try. That is also one of my reasons that I took the 200 hour yoga teacher training.

I try to go at least 6 classes a week, with 2-3 fitness classes and 3-4 flow classes. Occasionally I relax myself in an Aroma Yin class. My favorite class is Core Flow and Yoga Up. They both are challenging but so much fun.

I would encourage everyone to try a Flow class. It is so wrong to stereotype yoga as a feminine exercise that only works for people who are flexible.