Middleton Yogi of the Month: Jessica Wray | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Middleton Yogi of the Month: Jessica Wray

Before I became a member at Dfly 2 years ago I was in a work out rut. I was going to a gym that offered a large variety of classes (spin, step, Zumba, body pump, yoga) and although I liked their classes and instructors I was ready to try something new. I also wanted to practice yoga more regularly but had a hard time incorporating it into my other exercise regimen. I had driven by Dragonfly many times and finally decided to sign up for the intro month and loved it. The rest is history!

Prior to Dfly I had done yoga here and there including a few hot yoga classes but never kept up a regular practice. I had never done Barre before Dfly and even though I’ve tried a few classes since, I still can’t get on the Barre train!

I love the variety of classes, the challenge that every class offers, the dedicated/passionate instructors, and friendly members. Right after I joined I started shopping for a secondhand treadmill thinking I would need a way to get in enough cardiac exercise while I kept up a yoga practice. After one Yoga Up class I realized I didn’t need that treadmill. I love the fact that you can get a whole body work out, have fun and feel motivated by the instructors and others around you, regardless of your level. I have never pushed myself as hard as I have in a Yoga Up class or been able to attain the blissfulness of a calm mind as I have in a Flow or Yin class.

I have more energy, am able to better manage stress and anxiety, sleep better and am overall happier. I strive to take my set “intention” of acceptance off the mat and into my daily life, realizing that life is messy and imperfect and that’s ok.

I aim for 6 classes a week. I love Ashley and Shawn’s Yoga Up, Cassie, Anna and Brady’s Flows. My favorite thing ever is when Shawn says, “don’t kill yourself, that’s just stupid.” A good reminder to have fun and take it to my own level.

Thank you to all of the dedicated instructors and making your members feel so welcome. Among the hustle and bustle and joyful chaos of raising three kids and working, I feel like Dfly is always there for me. As long as I can get in a class, all is ok in my world. Lastly a thank you to my husband who is supportive of me attending several weekday 5:30 classes (which means he’s on his own with 3 kids during dinner time). I couldn’t do it without him.

Instructor Ashley Bruckner: “Jessica is a great example of what it takes to be Yogi of the Month. She is genuine and always smiles when she walks into the studio. But what I admire the most about Jessica is her devotion and perseverance she brings to class every week!”