Middleton Yogi of the Month: Teresa Mahlik | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Middleton Yogi of the Month: Teresa Mahlik

How did you get started at Dragonfly?
I had always been a student to yoga but wanted to find a studio that would incorporate my yoga practice with my desire to build strength in a weight bearing experience. Through my search I had yet to find an establishment that offered quality within both practices until Dragonfly. I came into the studio on a monthly trial and from there, not only did I find both practices, I soon discovered that both offered a form of meditative practice. Life is good!

What is/was your yoga/barre expertise prior to Dragonfly?
I came to yoga when life experiences had tilted my world and I began to look at things through a different lens. I started by reading a book by Erich Schiffman. I related so much with his work that I went to Venice Beach, California and did a 100-hour teacher training with him. This was not done as a means to teach, it was done to begin a journey of understanding who I was. From there I never looked back. I followed this experience by taking another 200-hour teacher training in Brookfield, WI at Yoga Asylum. My learning continues to be endless practice and the journey never becomes old.

I had never heard of Barreamped until Dragonfly. I took a class out of curiosity and found my place. It settled the strength training that I desired but also, to my surprise, it provided another form of meditative mindset/practice.

What do you enjoy most from attending Dragonfly classes?
I enjoy the sense of community and the raw ability to connect with others…recognizing that everyone has their own story of how and why they have come to their mats for both Yoga and BarreAmped. It just reinforced the thought that, although we are intrinsically different, we are all very connected at our basic core.

The staff is amazing at Dragonfly. There is a complete sense of being welcomed into your practice. They are there to help and want to be sure your experience is one that benefits your overall well-being. Thank you all!

The biggest benefit of both Barreamped and yoga at Dragonfly is the opportunity to become present and move myself into stillness. I truly did not realize this was an option; I would have my yoga days and I would have my workout days, both having their own mindset. My ability to remain present during each moment is an incredible gift, one that I don’t take without having immense gratitude.

Have you experience any changes in your total well-being since taking classes?
Yes! I feel more toned and, more importantly, carry more awareness/presence. I attend classes 5 days a week, balancing three BarreAmped and two yoga classes. There isn’t a specific class that I can call my “favorite”. Every time I step on the mat for whichever class I am attending, the experience is new and exciting.

Instructor Lindsey Loeffler: “I have had the pleasure of not only leading Teresa in class but also taking classes alongside her. Her attitude, stamina, determination, and smile is contagious! She always brings her A game and is ready to work no matter what I throw at her. She is a staple in BarreAmped Boot Camp on Saturday mornings. I can always count on her for her amazing form and to do her absolute best. She listens to her body and makes modifications but also knows when she can kick it up a level. Teresa is an absolute pleasure to have in class and always makes me smile! I look forward to seeing her every Saturday (and sometimes Fridays)!”