Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Lauren Kvam | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Lauren Kvam

When I moved to Madison three and a half years ago I was looking for a yoga studio that also offered fitness classes. Dragonfly was one of the first studios I tried out and I was hooked right away! After I got my butt kicked at my first Power Up class I knew I was up for the challenge and wanted to become a member.

I moved from Minneapolis where I used to go to Corepower Yoga. I previously did a lot of Flow-type classes but I love that Dfly offers a wide variety of classes, each with their own unique challenges. I had never taken BarreAmped before becoming a Dfly member and now I’m a big barre fan!

I think my favorite thing is the Dfly environment. I love walking into the studio and being greeted by name and seeing familiar faces in class. I’m someone who is pretty competitive but being in Dfly classes forces me to be competitive with myself and always push myself to try to bring more to the mat than the class before. It’s great to be surrounded by fellow yogis with the same goal and know that it’s an inclusive space where no one is judging each other but instead trying to empower each other to be better.

In terms of physical improvements I’ve seen myself grow stronger and enjoy pushing myself to my edge in Power Up and Yoga Up classes. Holding a one-armed plank in a Yoga Up class a few months ago was an exciting breakthrough moment for me! I also realized that I now like burpees which is something I NEVER thought would happen but is a definite indicator of how much I’ve grown. In terms of mental improvements, I recently started regularly going to Aroma Yin classes and enjoy taking time out of my day to just be present and force my brain to be still. It’s really helped my overall well-being to meditate in the quiet of the Yin class, especially on days that are otherwise insanely busy.

I attend 4-7 classes per week depending on my work travel schedule. I love Shawn’s Wednesday morning BarreAmped Cardio Boot Camp class and Saturday morning Yoga Up classes because there’s a great community feel with a lot of the same people showing up every single week who bring awesome energy. It’s awesome that those classes always include new moves that mix it up so it’s never boring!

Dragonfly is one of my favorite things about living in Madison! It truly has a family feel and is unmatched in its ability to transform your body and your mind. I’m so grateful that I’ve found Dfly so I can cultivate my passion for yoga and fitness all in one place! Whether I’ve had a terrible day or a great day I love taking a break from life, coming onto my mat, giving it my all, and walking out of the studio recharged and feeling great.

Instructor Shawn Smith: “Lauren is a regular at Barre Cardio Boot Camp and I am the first to admit that it is hard… setting your alarm for a one-hour class with barre work AND tabatas takes a certain amount of grit and determination which is what Lauren has. It is a challenging class and Lauren is able to keep form and stay with the class the entire way through — impressive! She is certainly right when she says she is part of the Dragonfly community. I take a lot of classes and often see Lauren. I love that she has found fitness, yoga and mindfulness all at one place.”