Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Kristen Van Uithoven | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Kristen Van Uithoven

Roughly three years ago I had been noticing that something was missing from my current gym/workout routine. I was unmotivated and realized that I needed something more. I had heard good things about Dragonfly so I decided to try their new member trial month. Within the first week I was greeted by name upon walking in the door, I started to get to know instructors and began making friends with amazing people in class. I realized what I had been missing. Before I knew it, I was there almost every day (ok, that might be a stretch but it was a lot)! I found that I was inspired by the people around me.

While I tend to veer towards more of the fitness based classes (Power Up, Yoga Up, Barre) I also appreciate the flow and yin classes very much. I find that no matter what class I attend, I am surrounded by friends. Being able to look forward to spending time with friends while getting a good workout in is incredibly motivating.

Instructor Jorie Weirich: “Kristen is such a positive force to have in class! She always brings a ton of energy to the room. Even during her busy season (public accounting – woof! ;)) she still shows up early on a Friday morning to work hard, have fun, and leave it all on her mat. I so enjoy our Friday mornings together and I couldn’t think of a better ‘yogi of the month’ – congratulations!”