Downtown Yogi of the Month: Molly Philosophos | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Downtown Yogi of the Month: Molly Philosophos

30 years ago my husband and I lived in Aspen, CO and that is when I did my first yoga class. We did a weekly class together and I only wish I would have continued. We lived in Oak Park, IL for the last 20 years and during that time I did yoga very sporadically.

My husband and I moved to Madison in August of 2016, at the same time that we also moved our youngest into Witte Hall. Our two older boys live and work in Madison so my husband and I decided to move back to the town where we went to college. I injured my wrist moving and putting IKEA furniture together (I know crazy) and was doing physical therapy and at the same time complaining that I was not able to work out. After a couple weeks of PT I decided to try Yoga. I was introduced to Dragonfly by Shelly and Carlin Johnson.

I live downtown, so initially I liked the convenience of Dragonfly. But I really enjoy the variety of classes and the teachers. I also like how friendly everyone is, it is certainly a very welcoming place. It does not matter how good you are, everyone is welcome to practice.

I read somewhere that hot yoga was good for hot flashes and I have really noticed a difference in my hot flashes. I travel for work and pleasure and I do notice that my hot flashes are worse when I haven’t been to yoga. I also feel stronger but I am definitely a work in progress. I also think it helps to quiet my mind. Menopause is really tough on the brain and yoga allows me at least an hour when I work hard to quiet my mind.

If I am in town I attend 4-5 classes a week. My favorite class, that is tough…..Flow with Natalie, Yoga Up with Autumn, I also love Yin. I think I would like an hour long savasana, haha!

I have been married to the love of my life for 30 years this year and we are a great team. We have three kids and they all live in Madison. The boys are out of school and they both work for EatStreet and our daughter is a junior at UW Madison. We love to travel as a family and enjoy skiing and snowboarding as a family.

I believe that attitude is everything. I also enjoy knitting, reading, and listening to books on tape. I just finished listening to Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain.

Instructor Natalie Koberstein: “Molly comes in with a smile and self awareness that always inspires me (even at 6:00am!). She displays balance in whatever class she takes, choosing to amplify the poses that feel strongest to her, and soften the poses that need a gentler approach. I love how she acknowledges that each day is a unique experience and that just showing up on her mat is what matters most of all! I also love that she practices with her family!”