Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Rebecca Kerns | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Rebecca Kerns

In the summer of 2013, my boyfriend at the time suggested that we try the $5 flow at Dfly in Fitchburg. I had driven by the Fitchburg and Middleton locations before, but had no idea what “hot yoga” was. My workout regimen had always revolved around various gym memberships and I had never participated in group classes of any kind. I reluctantly attended a class at Dfly, having no idea what to expect. To my surprise, I was immediately hooked. I suddenly found myself trying all of the different yoga classes offered at Dfly to see what I liked best. Fire was my favorite for a long time, but I routinely rotated through the different Flow classes and Yin. After a while, I tried BarreAmped and found that I loved it, too. A year ago, I finally became brave enough to try Yoga Up and Power Up, only to find, again, that there is no class at Dfly that I don’t LOVE.

My job as the Managing Director of a veterinary vaccine manufacturer is very demanding and there is nothing better than being in a Dfly hot room with no phone, no email, no pressure, and no obligations other than to be good to myself for the next 60 minutes. I can forget about the challenges of the day and focus on nothing but my breath. Every class starts with the instructor reminding us that we have nowhere else to be, that the class is ours, and to take only what we need and nothing that we don’t. There is no judgement and there is complete acceptance of yogis of all shapes, sizes, ages, experience, and skill levels. I have always found that to be so motivating! I travel for work to The Netherlands a few times a year, and there is a studio where I regularly practice when I am in Amsterdam. I have also tried different studios throughout the US when I am traveling. What I have learned is that even on the other side of the globe, 26 poses is 26 poses…but there is no other studio that makes you feel as good about those 26 poses as Dfly. Dfly is unique and special and it is the instructors and the community of Dfly yogis that make it that way.

Since I started taking classes at Dfly, I have noticed a lot of positive changes in my strength and flexibility and I have definitely lost weight since I added Yoga Up / Power Up to my rotation. I try to attend at least five classes per week. My favorite class is always changing; I tend to have a favorite class of the moment, and “binge” on that class for a while, but then I’ll mix it up and do a class I haven’t done recently and suddenly, that one will become my new favorite that I attend more often. Currently, the schedule is awesome; my week includes a perfect mix: Yoga Up, Flow, Yin, Fusion, sometimes Fire and sometimes BarreAmped. Saturday Flow and Yin back-to-back is a perfect combination, and is probably one of my favorite days.

Instructor Kelly Perna: “Rebecca shows a commitment to her yoga practice that all of us around her may be inspired by. Yoga is clearly a priority on her schedule as she rarely misses class. During class she expresses a focus and patient confidence when tackling the challenging sequence in Fusion. Her “vibe” is that of quiet determination and strength which supports the yogi’s around her as well as those of us teachers who have the pleasure of leading Rebecca. Keep up the great work!”