Middleton Yogi of the Month: Shaney Andler | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Middleton Yogi of the Month: Shaney Andler

Three years ago, my boys were heading back to school in the Fall and my friend asked me to try out a class. I have been going consistently since that very day. Before Dragonfly, I was primarily a runner and I also used to do Barre tapes at home. I had taken a few yoga classes at some local studios but none that I stuck with.

Aside from the obvious health benefits of doing the strength training workouts, I love seeing the great friends I have made, along with just the regular faces I see each week. I have yet to see a person (including the instructors or people behind the desk) crabby here!

I have gotten so much stronger. I got a massage a few months ago and the woman said to me “You are one ball of muscle.” I did not have that with running and I was getting to the point of having a lot of aches and pains. With taking the BarreAmped classes, I do not have those aches anymore since my muscles are now supporting all of my joints and bones properly.

A perfect attendance week for me is 5 days–3 BarreAmped classes and 2 Flyght classes but my schedule does not always allow it. My favorite class is probably BarreAmped Fire with Katie Frank but only when it’s finished. I need to have stamina in my life. I have two extremely active teenage boys, I am a substitute 4K teacher (lots of sitting cross legged on the floor) and I am a jewelry designer (lots of standing and bending over at the neck). I know I would not feel this great if I was not going to Dragonfly. Also, since I am a creature of habit (you probably see me in the corner at BarreAmped and on bike 10 at Flyght) this place is perfect for me. It’s consistent, yet I still get sore after going for three years. You always feel good when you leave, physically and emotionally.

Instructor Mary Leigh Flynn: “It has been wonderful getting to know Shaney, first as a fellow student and eventually as an instructor at DragonFly. Shaney attends class regularly whether it’s a foundations class, Bootcamp or Fire, she gives it her all with a smile on her face. Her positive energy is what drew me to her as a fellow student and friend. She continues to amaze me with her dedication and strength, not to mention her amazing form! That lady can shake! Thank you Shaney for bringing your awesome energy to every class and congratulations!”

Instructor Katie Frank: “If you want to see amazing BarreAmped form and inspiring endurance, look no further than Shaney Andler. Shaney is a consistent BA attendant and her strength is proof of her dedication. During BA Fire, I always cue off of the clients to see when they begin to shake in an exercise; after all, “shake to change” is the BA motto! But Shaney is literally unshakeable! She is a great example of the amazing results one can achieve through a consistent BA practice and she inspires the rest of the class to find their shake!”