Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Susan McBryde | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Susan McBryde

I injured my back when my children were little and continued to have constant back pain for 20 years. While receiving a massage for my back pain my therapist encouraged me to try hot yoga to strengthen my back and help with pain management. I researched the available yoga studios/classes in Madison and chose Dragonfly Hot Yoga in Sun Prairie after a very pleasant phone call to the receptionist there! I had never participated in yoga before joining Dragonfly Hot Yoga in Sun Prairie. I was familiar with the practice but felt intimidated to try it myself.

There are so many things that I truly enjoy from attending Dragonfly Classes. I enjoy the calm and peace that I feel. I enjoy the immense pain relief I have obtained since beginning hot yoga!! I enjoy the mantras/teachings of the yoga instructors. I enjoy the AWESOME staff — including front desk, teachers and manager — who are ALWAYS loving, concerned and welcoming!! I have always felt that Sun Prairie Dragonfly is a home away from home for me due to the friendliness and acceptance. I also enjoy the fact that the teachers truly understand everyone is on a personal journey and they do not expect me (or anyone) to be perfect in our yoga poses. The teachers are always very in-tune with the yogis and offer support emotionally, physically, spiritually and psychologically.

I have experienced immense pain relief from my back, a stronger core, flexibility that I did not know was possible and the ability to create personal moments during the day for stress relief and meditation!!

I attend Yin classes and LOVE them! I attend 4 days a week — Yin, Aroma Yin and Yin/Meditation. I feel successful in these classes as well as personal peace.

I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. The staff at Sun Prairie Dragonfly have been so supportive and loving!! Bekah could feel my sadness and knew something was wrong during a class — so she brought me extra blankets and placed them around me to help with pain. She then used her healing touch with a massage to my neck, shoulders and scalp. I was so touched that I just cried through class.

Kristin has sent me personal messages of love and support as she checks up on my progress — which has meant the world to me. She greets me with smiles, hugs and offers encouragement every time I see her! She knows how to make you feel loved and accepted.

Sabrina and Chananate have offered immense love, positive messages to inspire me, ways to incorporate essential oils into my healing and great patience in the classroom when I am in pain or feeling especially down.

Dragonfly Hot Yoga in Sun Prairie has become a beautiful and necessary support system for me to become a healthier, happier and more peaceful person. Thank you for accepting me as I am and letting me know that it is ok. Love you all!

Instructor Sabrina Bodden: “Susan is my role model! I’m always so impressed by her commitment to “showing up” – not just arriving and going through practice, but really fully engaging, being present, and connecting with those around her. Susan lights the room up whenever she arrives, and her energy makes me feel more grounded and heart-centered. Susan truly embodies what it means to be a “yogi”. I’m beyond grateful and honored to know her!!”