Downtown Yogi of the Month: Mark Kosobucki | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Downtown Yogi of the Month: Mark Kosobucki

I started taking classes at Dragonfly in January of 2016, after going to a $5 flow class with a handful of my friends. I was looking for a new way to exercise after I had finished my last semester playing soccer, and I knew immediately after that first class that this was what I was looking for. So, I signed up for the membership and never looked back.

Before Dragonfly I had maybe attended two or three yoga classes in my entire life, so I had very minimal experience. That being said, I never once felt out of place at the studio. All the staff members and fellow yogis are unbelievably accepting and have helped me tremendously throughout this last year and a half.

What I enjoy most about attending classes at Dragonfly is the wide variety of classes. Each teacher has a very distinct teaching style and I get something entirely different out of each practice and am always learning new things about yoga as a discipline and myself.

Since I joined Dragonfly, I have absolutely noticed a change in my total well-being. When I started attending classes it was purely a means to stay in shape; however, as I started attending classes more frequently I realized that yoga is so much more than just a form of physical exercise. Through recommendations from the staff, I have started reading about the history and progression of yoga and several eastern philosophies. So, what started out as a way to simply stay in shape has turned into an endless process of physical, mental and spiritual self-improvement.

I do my best to attend 5 classes a week. It is hard to just pick one as my favorite, but I would have to say Slow Flow with Katie, Power Flow with Heather and Flow with Bekah are definitely up there as some of my favorites.

Instructor, Katie Monk: What I love about Mark’s practice is that he always honors whatever his body needs. His breath is calm and fluid whether he is seated in stillness or in a complicated arm balance. He has such strength of mind and body; but his flexibility of mind–to gently push himself or to remain still are truly inspiring. Congrats Mark, well deserved!