Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Heather Campbell | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Heather Campbell

I got started at Dragonfly Hot Yoga in Sun Prairie a little over a year ago because a friend told me I should try it out and I instantly became hooked. Before coming to Dragonfly, my only yoga experience was work out DVDs or YouTube Videos… I had no idea what hot yoga was.

What I enjoy most about Dragonfly classes is the variety of classes and all the options for class times. I could never wake up before work to exercise and found that at 8:30pm I am super motivated to work out. I tried so many gyms but this is the first exercise that I have stuck with in my entire life. I have also cultivated a family at Dragonfly that motivates me to keep coming.

Since starting at Dragonfly I have seen an increase in my whole health. I have more energy, more strength and a greater appreciation for myself. I’m a social worker, which is a stressful job and knowing I just have to make it to the end of the day before I can go to a yoga class helps me get though some hard days.

I attend classes 4-5 times per week. My favorite class by far is Flow and Yin with Megan on Thursday night. It was my very first class and I have been a regular to the class ever since. Megan is a great teacher and very supportive in her students practice.

This has been a hard year for me so far because my husband is currently deployed with the WI Army National Guard. Everyone at Dragonfly has been amazing by providing me support and checking in and always offering a smile. Having a place to go everyday has been the best thing for me during this challenging time and I want to thank all of the staff and other students for supporting me in my practice.

Instructor, Bekah, on Heather: “Three words come to mind when I see Heather in class: consistent, focused, and peaceful. She comes to class regularly, with a smile, and then settles into her practice for the day with focus, listening to where she is and what her body needs. She may not know it, but her quiet energy brings a peace to the class that is much appreciated! Thank you for your dedication, Heather!”