Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Tonya Rettman | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Tonya Rettman


I started at Dragonfly the day the Sun Prairie studio opened. I was inspired to try yoga from friends who thought I would enjoy it. I loved it from the first class and instantly became a regular yogi. Before coming to Dragonfly Hot Yoga, I had taken a few power stretch classes at the gym I attend, but never a real yoga class. I didn’t even allow myself time to stretch after running or strength training classes and my body paid the price. I was constantly battling running injuries, and really was not listening to my body when I needed to modify activities.

Learning to listen to my body, calm my mind and being ok with not always pushing to the limit have been important lessons I’ve received from regular yoga practice. I love the strength I build without the fear of injury. I have allowed myself to back off of running to let my body heal, which has been difficult for me to do in the past. I also feel I have more patience with myself and with the stress of life in general.

I normally attend 3-4 classes a week, my favorites being Core Flow and Fusion 75. These classes have really strengthened my whole core and helped relieve the back pain I’ve struggled with from sitting at a desk for long hours at work. The relief I feel in general from chronic pain keeps me accountable and helps me stay disciplined in attending classes.

I have experienced so many benefits from adding hot yoga into my routine and I know this is a practice I can continue with throughout my life.

Instructor, Nichole: “Tonya has been coming since we opened in Sun Prairie. She is very committed to her practice. I have enjoyed watching her grow. Tonya is an inspiration!