Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Shannon Hellenbrand | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Shannon Hellenbrand


I dropped in on a few Dragonfly classes in Middleton over the past few years, and I loved it, but I couldn’t commit the extra drive time to get to the west side. In February, not long after the Sun Prairie studio opened up, I did a trial month. I have been a loyal member since. Before this, I was interested in hot yoga but slightly intimidated, as I believed you had to be extremely flexible to do well. I quickly realized at Dfly, that is not the case (you won’t be catching me doing the splits anytime soon, but my flexibility has improved!). I also realized, no one is competing with you but yourself. The environment at Dfly in Sun Prairie is extremely welcoming and comfortable, no matter your fitness level. The heat is detoxifying, and the staff is inspiring.

I have tried most of the classes Dfly offers. My favorites are Flow and BarreAmped, and I am going to try Fusion soon. I am stronger and more fit, having begun my yoga practice, but the main reason I love it is for stress relief. Somehow, the instructors are able to get me to be present and focus for an entire hour on my well-being. It seems life continues to get busier and more demanding. For me, yoga has become imperative for my mental health. I always leave a healthier, happier, better balanced person. Yoga at Dfly is much, much more than a sweat session!

Instructor, Natalie: “Whenever I have Shannon in class, it is sure to be one filled with smiles and laughter. She brings positive energy, focus and dedication with her every time she steps through Dragonfly’s doors. It’s amazing to see her energy spread to those around her, which creates an atmosphere of fun alongside the sweat! She is a joy to have at Dragonfly!”