Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Eden Lafond | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Eden Lafond


A few of my friends attended classes at another Dragonfly location. I was interested, but didn’t want to drive that far. When I saw advertisements that the Sun Prairie studio was opening, I stopped in and signed up for a membership during the grand opening. For the first few months, I only took the Aroma Yin classes. I slowly added in other classes. The next class I added and stuck with was BarreAmped. I am working on adding more “new to me” classes.

Prior to starting at Dfly, I took some free Lunchtime Yoga classes at the Monona Terrace. The classes were similar to Yin but without the heat. A majority of the classes were in a room facing Lake Monona. This was an encouraging experience and aided in loosening up some of my tight muscles. I also took a community recreation core yoga course, which left me a bit discouraged.

I have found through my experience at Dfly that yoga is truly for everyone. I love seeing people of all sizes, shapes, and abilities in classes. I love the encouragement and positive energy from instructors and other yogis. I love that there is always a modification available.

I have noticed many changes since I started my journey at Dfly. I am able to laugh at myself – especially when I get stuck in a pose or can’t follow directions (dead bug is my enemy). Physically, my posture is improving. I see more muscle tone in my arms and legs, and I can see muscles in my core (yippee). I am able to handle my stress better through breathing methods learned during yoga. I am slowly breaking down my own self-image issues.

Most weeks, I take classes three or four days a week. Wednesdays have become my “killer” day – with BarreAmped Express, Yoga Up (45), and Aroma Yin. In a perfect world, I would like to take a class every day. I love Sabrina’s Slow Flow class. I have a love-hate relationship with BarreAmped and Yoga Up. During class, I wonder why I continue to torture myself. After class, I know it was worth it. I just feel better.

I never imagined I would take a hot yoga class. I don’t like being warm and I hate being sweaty. After my first non-Aroma Yin class, I commented that my sweat was sweating. It was gross, but I truly felt energized and I liked it. The Dfly team is so welcoming, friendly and supportive. I look forward to coming to Dfly and wish I could come more often. I like getting to class early to relax and decompress from the day so that during the practice I focus on myself, instead of all the things that need to be done at home and at work. Kristin H says in her Yoga Up class “as long as you are moving, you are doing it right”. It is so true. Everyone has different abilities and we should never compare ourselves to others.

Instructor, Samantha Brenner on Eden: “Eden is the perfect selection for Yogi of the Month! She is a committed member of the Dfly community. I look forward to seeing her in BarreAmped each week and always know she is ready to bring it! Way to go, Eden–you deserve it!”

Instructor, Kristin Haraldsdottir on Eden: “Eden is always challenging herself to push her boundaries. She does not shy away from taking three classes in a row! She always comes in with a smile and great conversation and she brings great energy to every class!”