Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Tracy Schlax | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Tracy Schlax


​​I was a long distance runner all through high school and off and on during my 20s. When I tried to pick it up again at the age of 29, my knees were shot. I was struggling with pain, swelling and difficulty doing simple things like crouching down and standing up – and I was only 30! Months of physical therapy did not help and eventually I was told this was just what my physical ability was going to be like from now on. I was upset about gaining weight and feeling betrayed by my body that was so limited at the age of 30. A coworker encouraged me to try the intro month at Dragonfly and I was immediately hooked. More than a year and a half later, I’m more flexible, stronger and guess what – no more knee pain or difficulty doing simple things like turning, crouching or dancing. :) ​

I feel like Dragonfly has become my Cheers. Even on the days when I don’t necessarily feel up for expending the energy a class may require, I push myself to go. I look forward to seeing folks at the front desk who make an effort to remember my name, as well as the teachers that are familiar with my practice, who are just lovely people to chat with after class. Seeing friends that I have made through regular attendance also makes it a special place.

I do feel much stronger since I started practicing regularly. I also feel more present and connected to my body, and proud of the things it can do. ​I attend class about 5 days per week (working on the 60/99 day challenge!) and I try to go to a nice mix of Flow and Yin classes. I have 2 favorite classes that meet very different needs: Kaila’s Flow class on Thursdays is a must. Her sequences are so graceful, unique and challenging. Plus her fantastic sense of humor and space for learning new things keeps class fun and light hearted. I also try to go to Kathryn’s Yin & Meditation every Sunday. Yin has done so many wonderful things to build up and strengthen my Flow practice and Kathryn’s knowledge of and emphasis on mindfulness is like yoga for my soul. ​

I feel so grateful that Dragonfly is in my life! I feel like I can check all my worries and cares of the day at the door. I am able to focus on myself without feeling selfish, and I have improved my state of mind and strengthened my body, leaving me more peaceful and happy. ​

Instructor Kaila Pooler: “Tracy is an astounding yoga practitioner. I’ve had the pleasure of having Tracy in classes since January of 2015 and have been working with her privately for six months. The most wonderful thing about Tracy is she recognizes value in both the big picture of a yoga practice, making life much easier, as much as the finer details of her breath, her poses, and her flow. Tracy is always smiling and willing to listen to her yogi friends around her; bringing a bright energy to the space each time she arrives. She approaches new information with a sense of humor and practices with a deep appreciation for where she is each and every day – always trying new ideas, open to growth, and never forcing a thing. We are lucky to have Tracy around at Dragonfly!”