Downtown Yogi of the Month: Kristen Luczak | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Downtown Yogi of the Month: Kristen Luczak


I started out at Dragonfly on a whim with a friend who didn’t want to go to a class alone, and I fell in love. I started off with an Intro Month and purchased the student membership before it ended! I had little to no experience with yoga before I started at Dragonfly, apart from taking classes here and there throughout the years. One of the main reasons why I fell in love with yoga was how it changed my whole life. I could breathe easier when I ran and I had more energy to get things done. I felt more relaxed after a flow class and I felt stronger after Yoga Up.

I try to attend at least three yoga classes a week, sometimes more and sometimes less. The first class I attended was Yoga Up and it is still my favorite! Doing a high intensity class gets to be really difficult, but the loud music and the fact that each class is different makes it so worth it. Trying to find the right workout and the right place to workout was a real struggle for me, but Dragonfly’s judgement-free, friendly atmosphere makes it a no-brainer. I feel very honored to be May’s Yogi of the Month!

Instructor, Carrie CJ Johnson: “Kristen is such a ray of sunshine! I remember when she arrived for her first class at Dragonfly. She demonstrated a lot of strength in that first YogaUp class. I have had the pleasure getting to know her and have enjoyed hearing about and seeing how her practice has transformed her. I feel inspired by her passion for her workouts, enthusiasm for life, and simply by having her in class. It truly makes my day when she walks through the doors! I also love that she’s not shy to request specific exercises and Taylor Swift. I’m so glad Kristen is this month’s yogi!”