Middleton Yogi of the Month: Chananate Uthaisar | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Middleton Yogi of the Month: Chananate Uthaisar


I started my yoga practice at Dragonfly right after I moved to Middleton about six months ago. My practice has helped me become acquainted with my new city, people and environment, as well as accommodate to a new job.

I was first exposed to yoga when I was in graduate school. What I remember about my first hot yoga class, is that it was unpleasant for me. It seems funny that I was frightened of the heated room, even though I am originally from Bangkok, Thailand. I gave hot yoga another try with my free trial class at Dragonfly, and had a different experience than the one in Thailand!

I kept exploring Dragonfly by taking different classes during my first introductory month, and then I became a member. Dragonfly not only offers different types of yoga classes, but there are also many wonderful yoga teachers with various personalities and styles. I enjoy and am grateful to the teachers and the variety of yoga Dragonfly offers. I always leave Dragonfly on a pleasant note and have more energy. I feel that I am healthier physically and mentally. My practice also diverts my attention and helps me to calm down.

I also love all the front desk people. When I enter the studio, they always have welcoming smiles and warm greetings. They recognized my face and name after only my second week! If I have any questions or requests, they get back to me as soon as they can. Dragonfly has excellent service and a pleasant ambience.

I practice daily at the Middleton studio. On a weekly basis, I trained with Tiffany, Brenda, Suki, Katie Frank, John, Joe, Will, Laurie and Kim by attending Flow, Slow Flow, Chaka Flow, Flow & Yin, Fire and Yoga Up. I love all their classes and styles. They have so much information and energy to offer. I also started my yoga adventure here with the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Tiffany. Through this, I have had the opportunity to explore all four Dragonfly studios. They are so unique with their own locations, as well as classes and teachers.

It’s hard to describe accurately how much I love practicing yoga at Dragonfly. I recommend giving them a try and exploring all of the possibilities, and you may fall in love with Dragonfly like me!

Instructor Brenda Autz: “Chananate is an inspiration. She is sweet, cheerful and always smiling. Her determination and openness to experiences are evidenced by the variety of classes she takes and her commitment to the Dragonfly Teacher Program. It is a joy to watch Chananate’s practice evolve and witness her lovely energy.”