Downtown Yogi of the Month: Rose Courville | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Downtown Yogi of the Month: Rose Courville


I started at Dragonfly at the Fitchburg location soon after it opened. I have been a member three separate times now – two baby boys each led me to take a break. I rejoined each time afterwards!

I had never given yoga much thought in the past, but my husband was a big fan. When we moved to Baltimore in 2009, my schedule did not allow for much exercise. As a birthday present, my mother gifted me a 5-week introduction to a yoga course for me to learn how to move into each pose properly. That provided a great foundation for my practice.

Yoga is a lot of fun and, as a stay-at-home mom, I cherish the hour as a time to reconnect with myself. I am a much better mom to my two feisty boys by keeping an active yoga practice.

In addition to feeling stronger and more focused, I have a unique situation in regard to my yoga practice. I have recently been diagnosed with postpartum PTSD. The doctor applauded my intense yoga practice as an effective method of treating my condition. I now view my practice as a prescription for my mental well-being. The results have been astounding.

I try to attend a yoga class every day! My favorite classes are Flow and Aroma Yin.

A Dfly yoga teacher recently encouraged her students to think about how they want to feel rather than what they want to accomplish. I want to feel strong, persistent, adventurous and supported. Hot yoga, and especially hot yoga at Dragonfly, creates an environment for me to feel just that.

Instructor Emily Kirschbaum: “Rose frequents my Thursday evening flow, and brings a wonderful energy to class! Rose walks into Dragonfly with a smile ready to reconnect, sweat, and move with her breath. I am excited to see Rose complete her 60 day challenge this September!”