Middleton Yogi of the Month: Marti Lindstrom | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Middleton Yogi of the Month: Marti Lindstrom


My best friend, Carol, started going to Dfly and I tagged along. I was interested in doing yoga, but needed someone to nudge me there. After the first class, I was hooked.

I was first exposed to yoga as a kid. My mom did yoga way back when and practiced daily at home. I remember reading her book of yoga poses and practicing tree pose a lot (which is still my favorite pose). In the few (or more) decades since, I have taken a few classes, but nothing that great or consistent.

The teachers, staff and facilities at Dfly are all great. I also like that yogis of all shapes, sizes and abilities are welcome in class. Okay, but best of all are the classes where you get a cool scented towel at the end of class. I would do almost anything for one :).

Since starting a hot yoga practice, I certainly handle heat much better than I used to! Physically, my core and upper body are much stronger. Mentally, I am finding a sense of calm and peace that wasn’t there before.

I try to attend class at least once a day. My favorite classes are Barre Amped, Flow, Fusion and Yin. I like having a variety of classes from which to choose.

I am on sabbatical (that sounds better than semi-retired) and spend much of my time helping out my elderly mother. I am married to a research meteorologist and we have two kids, a cat and a dog. My daughter graduated from UW this spring and my son swims for The Ohio State University. One thing most people don’t know is that I’m hard of hearing and wear hearing aids in both ears. I don’t wear them during hot yoga, so if you say something to me chances are I won’t hear you. I also love to knit and have a closet full of yarn which I hope I can knit through before I die. I love to knit hats, mittens and scarves for my kids’ friends because they (unlike my offspring) appreciate them.

Instructor Kaila Pooler: “Marti is a peach! I love seeing her come through the door for a class – which is almost every single day! Marti has a bright and affable personality with an infectious smile; one conversation with her will leave you feeling light and ready to tackle your day. Marti is a stellar mother, often bringing her children to classes to share her love of yoga with her family; and on her own time, Marti gets an admirable spread of Flow, Fusion, BarreAmped and Yin in to take excellent care of herself even with a busy life at home. In classes, I love to watch Marti move – she has a thoughtful, steady approach to her flow and a presence that is extremely grounding for the other students around her (and frankly, for me as an instructor)! I am truly honored to be a part of Marti’s fitness life – I have learned so much in teaching her and hope we continue to see her for many years to come.”