Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Tricia Bartley | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Tricia Bartley


After having my son, I was seriously out of shape! I knew I had to get back into some sort of exercise program, but I wasn’t quite sure where to start. A friend of mine offered to take me to the free first class at Dragonfly to try it out. I was very tentative about yoga and very very nervous about the heat! The only other yoga experience I had was doing a video in my basement. I was pretty sure it would not be much of a workout and would be slow and boring. So I went and survived the heat, barely. I kept coming back and realized that yes, yoga is a workout! I signed up for the $40 intro month and tried almost all of the classes. It was very challenging, but after that first month I was getting stronger and learning how to do new things.

This May will be my two year anniversary with Dragonfly. I knew I was hooked when I was in a class and started to think about which class I should take next and when I could fit it into my schedule. I have never been this consistent with working out before in my life. I never thought I would look forward to working out, or get up at 5am to do it!
I love the variety of classes. When I first started, I was doing a lot of flow with Suki. She is a wonderful instructor who is able to challenge the most experienced yogi. She is also able to break down a pose for the beginner student. In her classes I gained core strength and was then able to handle the Yoga Up, BarreAmped, and eventually Power Up classes.

My favorite class at Dragonfly is anything that Mairin is teaching. She is the most challenging instructor. Mairin has a very serious but calm way of motivating and her sarcasm is hilarious. After leaving her classes I’m not sure I’ll make it to my car alive, but for some reason I keep coming back :).

Lately, I have been doing a lot of the Power Up classes in the early morning. I always say, “if you know it needs to be done, do it first.” I leave feeling energized and ready to start my day. Tami has been an amazing addition to the early morning team and I love her enthusiasm. After a class with her I find myself asking my husband to feel my huge guns!

I also really appreciate the childcare that Dragonfly provides. It makes working out so much easier when I know I can take my little guy with me. Maribeth is the best and I know my son will be in good hands when I’m in class. Overall, I love the Dragonfly experience! The studios are always clean, and the staff is always friendly. I love that Dragonfly keeps bringing newness to the studios too. The new BarreAmped classes have been fun and challenging to try. I always look forward to seeing new classes and new instructors on the schedule.

Instructor Mairin Ryan: “When I think of someone who is dedicated to their practice I think of Tricia. Ever since I started teaching here at Dragonfly she has consistently been here, in fact she was in my first BarreAmped class I ever taught! It has been so nice always having her familiar face in my classes and around the studio. The fact that she is here almost everyday is such an amazing accomplishment and really shows how dedicated she is to her health and wellbeing. Not to mention her son Aiden is the cutest! It is always a pleasure having her in class and seeing her dedication is motivating not only to myself but for everyone at Dragonfly!”