Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Alicia Lalor | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Alicia Lalor


I started at Dragonfly because one of my friends recommended it and I needed a new way to workout that was easier on my hand. Over the past year I broke my hand and have had 2 reconstructive surgeries.

I first broke my hand at work in October 2012. I smashed it in some heavy equipment and had to have surgery that included inserting pins and screws. Then in August 2013, one of the pins got pushed out of the side of my hand, requiring another surgery to remove it.

Yoga has been a great way for me to work out because it is not too hard on my hand. I even completed the Fire classes in an arm cast right after I broke it the second time. My hand is fine now, but I cannot play any sports because the tendons are still weak and if I injure them again I could lose the use of my hand. At least I have Yoga!

Before yoga and Dragonfly I used kickboxing and tennis to stay in shape, so I was looking for something new. I had very little yoga experience, only trying it in a gym class back in high school.

This winter I have loved going to Dragonfly and being warm. Every time I go I love sweating and feeling good the rest of my day. I have had more energy, especially in the morning, as I used to sleep in until 10 or 11am. Now I am up and at yoga class at 9:30am, occasionally even the 8am classes.

My goal is to attend 7 classes a week but usually I go 5 days a week. When I am having a busier week I will go twice in one day, Flow classes being my favorite.

Instructor Michelle Schneider: “It’s always so great to have Alicia in class. Her dedication and commitment to herself, the practice, and Dragonfly is inspiring. She embraces all the different types of classes we have on the schedule and arrives every day with a smile! Thank you Alicia!”