Fly Girls Flew… | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Fly Girls Flew…

…soared, and achieved liftoff! What an amazing group of girls ages 11-14, came through Dragonfly doors for our first tween girl workshop. We had about 25 different girls take part in this 3 day endeavor over Winter Break.

Each of the days offered a different yoga focus. On Day 1, we learned Sun Salutations, and Balances. Day 2 was devoted to Inversions and Back Bending. Day 3, was about our Core and Arm Balancing. The girls were so eager and ready to try anything I threw at them. They all loved showing me their wheels, tri-pods, head stands, and handstands. Some were very excited to show me their cartwheels and round-offs as well. (Hee-hee, wrong class, but funny none the less). We spent time playing yoga games, moving through different yoga “centers” and the girls were awesome at creating their own sequences too!

Each day we finished with some Fly Girl Fuel, healthy snacks and chat. I learned that most of the girls were involved in other sports, and pretty much everyone’s mom or friend’s mom did yoga. I explained how yoga is such a compliment to their other activities. Not only can yoga help build physical strength and flexibility, but it helps all of us gain mental strength and confidence in our daily lives. It is the magic of yoga!!!! I feel these ommmmmazing girls have started their yoga journey, I was so fortunate to be part of it, and I look forward to more someday!!