Middleton Yogi of the Month: Barb McPherson | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Middleton Yogi of the Month: Barb McPherson

Barb has recently added Hot Yoga to the top of her list of fitness programs that work. Being a working mother of four children easily leads to being busy, so she was looking for convenience, comfort and results. Hot Yoga gives her a framework for remaining active and focusing on increasing her flexibility and breath. She has found a balance between the physical and mental benefits of Hot Yoga and loves every moment of it.

She enjoys taking ownership of her practice, “I like feeling I can come in and set my own pace”. The variety of classes and instructors keep her excited to try new things and the lovely heat keeps bringing her back. She loves walking into the heated room.

Barb’s 17 year old daughter, Grace, introduced her to Dragonfly. You will see them attend classes together often. Each keep one another accountable in attending classes because they know how good it makes them feel. Barb thanks Dragonfly for creating such a welcoming, beautiful and impactful studio. We thank you Barb, for being an inspiration to us.

“Barb and Grace, the Dynamic Mother/Daughter duo has been coming to Dragonfly for months now. You will find them nestled comfortably in the back left corner of the room. The relationship and energy these two lovely ladies give off is strong, beautiful and infectious. Their practice has become confident and steady with Barb learning and mastering a tri-pod! They seem to try and enjoy all classes at Dragonfly, from Flow to Core, to Fit! Whenever I see Barb and Grace in my classes, they make me smile, and I love watching them take their practice to new levels!”
– Nominated by Instructor Tiffany Geier and Dragonfly Staff