Thank You Groupon! | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Thank You Groupon!

Here’s a story about a girl named Tiffany

(did you insert Brady Brunch theme music? If not, feel free to restart). I have to admit, I was……a groupon junkie (insert gasp). So when the first groupon for Dragonfly Fitchburg was launched last summer, my friends and I decided to give it a try. My first thought was, yoga…and it’s hot?????…Yikes, but why not? I’m just out a few dollars if this doesn’t pan out, and maybe my friends and I can make a night of it and go to BW3 or better yet, Target. I took my first flow class on a hot summer afternoon, not really knowing what to expect. I was not prepared with what I experienced within the first 10 minutes of that flow class. I was up dogging and down dogging and saluting the sun, and balancing on body parts I didn’t know were there, and yes sweating!!! I LOVED it, I was hooked.

My 10 pass groupon lasted all of a week. Then I bought another 10 class pass, then I bought a 20 class pass, and then I saw the light….and bought a membership!!! Yea, freedom!!! I could come every day if I wanted, I could try every class!! Halleluiah! Bring on the flow; whether fast, slow or chakra, bring on fusion, fire, fit, power, core, yin. There’s no stopping me now!! I was about 6 months in, and just soaking it all up, when I started thinking about becoming an instructor. I finally said it out loud to Megan, Tola, Amber and other fabulous instructors. I got nothing but support and encouragement from everyone in the Dragonfly community. My yoga practice and my peeps, gave me the strength to follow through with an amazing 200 certification course with Deb Williamson in June. So here I am, one year later after buying my groupon; teaching, growing and learning in two fabulous Dragonfly studios.

Thank you Groupon, thank you Megan, thank you to all the fabulous instructors and staff. To my Dragonfly friends old, new, and ones I have not yet met, come roll out your mat in one of my classes and ride along with me as I continue to grow and spread my wings as an instructor. Or roll out your mat next to me, and practice alongside as I continue to grow and learn as a student. Hallelujah, I’m hooked!