10 Things I Love About You When You Walk Into The Hot Room | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

10 Things I Love About You When You Walk Into The Hot Room

1. The fact that you walked in the hot room.
We just experienced an unprecedented heatwave in Madison. That didn’t stop some of you. You walked in to the 105 degree studio from the 105 degree parking lot and sweetly exclaimed how little a difference you felt between the two.

2. Your quiet focus.
At the beginning of class during the breathing exercise, you begin to quiet your mind. You find your eyes in the mirror, you focus on your breath. Distractions may occur, but you brush these aside and keep your mind calm.

3. When you fall out of a pose, you dust yourself off and get right back into it.

Falling out of a pose is proof that you’re going beyond your comfort zone, which is magnificent! Nothing brings me more joy than to see you not take yourself too seriously when you lose your balance. You give herself a rueful grin and then get right back into the pose. How else do we learn?

4. Your smile when things are a bit tough.
I make some really bad jokes in class. And I appreciate the little titters. I also appreciate when I see you regroup, give yourself that Mona Lisa smile and then proceed. Mind over matter, baby!

5. The way you move your mat a little to the left so those behind you can see themselves in the mirror.
Team work. We’re in this together. Thank you for being aware.

6. The way you listen to your body and take a break when you need to.
Some days are harder than others. This is not a competition. I love it when I see you notice in yourself the need to take a break and then give it to yourself. How can we bring that awareness off the mat?

7. The Facebook posts I see after class where you brag about your yoga practice
You should totally brag! You’re on a brand new journey and it’s great to get some encouragement. Keep that pride and let it drive your practice.

8. That tiny moment when you want to give up, but something shifts inside you that keeps you going.
I see it your eyes: that moment when your focus shifts a bit inward. I can almost hear the pep talk you’re giving yourself. You can do it. You’re a rock star. You’re a goddess.

9. Your dedication to your practice.
Some of you are doing your 60 day challenge. SIXTY DAY CHALLENGE!! The dedication to yourself is awe-inspiring.

10. The sweet way you reply, “Namaste” in your savasana.
And then after it’s all said and done, after you’ve sweat out your last droplet of sweat, you still have the strength to respond in Namaste: “The teacher in me recognizes the teacher in you.” I am honored to have you in my class.