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Hot Yoga in the Summertime

Hot Yoga in the winter? Yes, please. Hot Yoga in the summer? This may take a little more convincing. Here are five great reasons for why you should do hot yoga in the summer.

1. You will be more acclimated to the summer weather.
Ever notice how your electric bill goes up in the summer as the temperatures rise? In Madison, 85 degrees feels hot. Imagine how amazing it will feel after spending 60-90 minutes in 90-105 degree heat!

2. The hot room will feel cooler.
Conversely, you’re already acclimated to the heat outside. Stepping into a room that’s heated to 105 degrees, your body only has to adjust a few degrees as opposed to the 60-70 degree difference in wintertime.

3. Your muscles are more warmed up for class.
Think about how efficient you’ll be when you’re already pre-heated for Fire class. Your muscles are more relaxed in the heat, as we’ve come in learn in the hot room. Imagine how much further you can take your practice when you’re not battling stiff and cold muscles at the onset.

4. You’ll be in better shape for summer recreation.
Do you find yourself wondering how people can bike around Lake Monona when it’s 95 degrees outside? Do you sometimes shake your head at people running when the sun is blazing? Soon you’ll be one of those Madisonians who embrace every single moment of summer…savoring every sizzling second.

5. When winter rolls around, the hot room will feel like nothin’.
You’re training your body now so that when we do have that temperature difference in the winter, the hot room will feel like home. It’s like marathon runners who train in high altitudes. When it comes time for the race, sea level is a breeze.

And if that weren’t enough to persuade you, we now have two locations with so many options for classes it’ll make your head spin. Just make sure to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!