Personal Training Sessions

To schedule a private session, simply email the instructor directly to set up a time.

Personal Training Session
$5030 minutes
$7560 minutes
$10090 minutes
Personal Training Session for 2
$12560 minutes
$15090 minutes
Personal Training Session for 3
$15060 minutes
$17590 minutes
Private Class
(4 or more people)
$20060 minutes
$24075 minutes
$27590 minutes

Personal training sessions at Dragonfly are more than just private yoga sessions. Although we can accommodate people who want to fine-tune their yoga practice, we can offer other things such as relaxation, meditation or anything else the you want. For instance, if the you want to incorporate Pilates or BarreAmped into your session, we have trainers who can accommodate that request. We encourage you to get creative!

Private sessions are held at any of our studios during times when no other regularly scheduled classes are taking place.

Want a private class for you and your friends, family, or colleagues? We can tailor any one of our classes to you and your group’s needs! Just give us a call. (Perfect for team building with co-workers, a bachelorette/bachelor outing, a neighborhood outing, or just plain stress relief with friends).

Personal Training Cancellation Policy: If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged the full amount. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, you will be charged half the amount.


Personal Training Instructors


Tiffany Geier



Email me to schedule a session!
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Tap into and increase your own personal power! Take time to experience a creative flow sequence that will strengthen your core and whole body, leaving your mind and body ready for possibilities. Or, if arm balances and inversions interest and intrigue you, let’s work on that. Learning these skills are empowering. There are many tools and techniques that I can give you that will facilitate your growth as a student.

Want to spend some quality time with your daughter/son or best pal? Come on in, and I will create a specialized playful sequence just for you two based on your wants/needs!

Lastly, I have experience with kids of all ages and abilities (physical and adapted physical eduction teacher for 22 years) so contact me if you want to integrate yoga into your child’s life!

I also do yoga birthday parties for both kids and adults!!


Kim Guenther



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Let’s work together to make a practice that’s right for you! I’ll customize a flow or barre sequence to target your strengths, or areas you want to strengthen! We can focus on certain portions of class (balances, alignment, meditation) or work through an entire class during your session. If there is something you are struggling with, let’s discuss it before we meet and i can create a customized and informative plan for us to work through during our session.

I am available for private trainings for yoga or barre, for individuals or groups. Celebrate an upcoming birthday, wedding or rare time with friends with yoga and/or barre!


Katie Monk


Strength Training and Conditioning
Working with Injuries
Working With Beginners
Yoga with an Alignment Focus
Improving Physical and Mental Strength
Improving Flexibility
Yoga Life Coaching
Children’s Yoga

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Want to work individually before jumping into a group atmosphere? At times beginners to yoga (and hot yoga especially) can feel apprehension about the set up, the terminology and alignment of each pose in class. I am here to ease any anxiety you might feel and to get you ready to take a group class with confidence. Yoga IS for everyone! We can focus on the basics, what you should be looking for in each pose, and understand how each one feels in your unique body.

If you’re not new to yoga, perhaps you are looking for a yoga sequence which helps in other areas of your life: a certain sport, countering repetitive movements you take during the day, or just general strength or flexibility. Maybe there is a pose you’ve been trying to get and you need some one-on-one attention to work into it. Let’s talk about what your needs are and create the perfect yoga class for you! I’m also always excited for Yoga Parties including (but not limited to) children’s parties, wedding parties or birthday celebrations!


Nichole Vega


NASM personal trainer
ACE group fitness
Trigger point therapy

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I offer one on one personal training or small group strength and conditioning sessions. I am a certified personal trainer with NASM, an ACE group exercise instructor, and Trigger point (foam rolling) certified. I can tailor your session to meet your needs. If you want ideas on how to build strength, flexbity, and power with little to no equipment I can make a plan for you. If you are looking to reduce recovery time, prevent injury, and increase your performance we can work on trigger point therapy (foam rolling). Releasing trigger point (tight spots) in the body.

I am also TRX and kettle-bell certified. I own serval different sizes bells and a TRX strap. I can bring these in for a one and one session too. TRX is suspension training using body weight. Every exercise uses your core. It’s a great way to strengthen your yoga practice.