Rate Changes Starting August 1, 2019

We’re adjusting our rates on August 1, 2019. Since 2012, we have not changed our regular membership or class pass rates, even though our costs have risen. We have made the hard decision to change our rates to keep up with the ever-changing market and provide better service to you. We are always grateful for your presence, and hope you continue to see the value you receive for being a part of the Dfly society!

Use the month of July to stock up on passes or yearly memberships before the price changes!

Remember we offer our infamous $99 class slash on 10 class passes at least twice a year! Make sure you are on our email list and follow us on social media to be notified of the next 10 class slash!

New Membership Rates

Monthly Membership – $119/month
Student Membership – $99/month
All Access Dragonfly/Flyght Membership – $188/month (no change)

Clients who began memberships in the month of June will still receive the $99 rate during the first 3 months of their contract. Clients who started memberships before 6/1/19 will be charged the new rate in their first autopay after 8/1/19. Please contact us with questions!
We will still offer several membership discounts:
– $10 discount for reaching 500 Perkville points
– $10 monthly discount for our refer a friend program
– Get $30 your 2nd month of your new membership if you try 10 different kinds of classes during your intro month

New Class Pass Rates

1 Class Pass – $20 (no change)
10 Class Pass – $175
1 Month Unlimited – $170

Discounted passes changes (corporate rates, students, seniors, under 18, etc.)

10 Class Pass – $150

$5 Flows

$5 Flows (no change)

Discontinuing Pricing Options

These pricing options will no longer be available after 8/1/19:

5 class passes
10 Dfly/Flyght combo passes
20 class passes
Yearly memberships
Discounted 1 class and 20 class passes
Discounted couples, single parent, or Ovation resident memberships