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Peter Lin




My Teaching Style

My goal is to foster an environment where students can grow and connect with themselves. I truly believe that yoga is for everyone, regardless of body shape, size, athletic ability, or experience. You will have a space to find whatever you need on any given day!


I started practicing yoga in 2014 to help improve my health and athleticism. I found that ideas like being mindful, accepting, and non-judgmental were great not only on the mat, but also in life. Yoga has made an incredible difference for me, and I would love the opportunity to give that back to others by teaching. I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Alex Pfeiffer at The Studio in 2019.

Favorite Pose

Mountain pose - it's so grounding!

Favorite Quote

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."
–Viktor Frankl

Why I Love Dragonfly

The teachers and the community provide a safe space for me to do whatever it is I need to do for myself on any given day. Also, the hot room is a nice way to hide from the winter!

Little Known Fact About Me

I can eat an Oreo off my forehead without using my hands. (Free demos provided if you bring me Oreos.)

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