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Meranda Masse



I dabbled in yoga here and there in college, taking classes either from youtube videos that I could find, or going to my local gym once a week for their free class. I loved the physical exertion and the mental bliss that practicing gave me. When I moved to Madison, I decided that it was time to really commit to a practice and decided to try out some classes at Dragonfly. Immediately I was hooked. The atmosphere was friendly, I loved the heated rooms and the classes made me truly feel like I wouldn’t be judged for my ability. I’ve been practicing at Dragonfly ever since and I’ve loved every minute of it!

Favorite Pose

Half-moon. Some days I can rock this pose and other days I can’t keep my balance to even get my foot in the air. I love that this pose makes me recognize that my body is different from day to day, and teaches me that sometimes failure is alright.

Favorite Quote

"Great things never come from comfort zones."

Why I Love Dragonfly

Dragonfly has been my saving grace since starting graduate school. With all the pressures from my job and every day life that I’ve felt, Dragonfly is one of the few places I can go to relax. It’s an environment where I don’t feel judged or pressured, and am able to fully commit to my practice and myself. The instructors are always great and I love the sense of community that the studio fosters.

Little Known Fact About Me

I’m a total science nerd. I’m actually going for my PhD in chemistry :)