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Kathryn Keener



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My Teaching Style

I believe strongly in the power of Mindfulness; it is the common thread of every class I teach. Whether it be BarreAmped, Flow, or Yin, paying attention to our bodies allows us to practice with proper alignment, modify exercises to suit our needs, and exit poses that are painful or overwhelming. When we are attentive and responsive, we receive the intended benefits of a class without exposing ourselves to injury. Additionally, the effort to welcome our thoughts and feelings induces patience, understanding, and compassion.


Growing up, I participated in sports and ran. When introduced to yoga in high school, I didn't find it worthwhile. The pacing felt slow compared to other physical activities I enjoyed, the poses were unfamiliar, and I didn't notice any benefits during or after the classes. (It may be useful to know that I was a fairly cynical young woman and that the yoga practices were held in a spare room at a bank.)

Perhaps a more mature mindset assisted in my enjoyment of yoga, but those who've practiced Dragonfly recognize the appeal of our warm community, instructors, and beautiful studio space. Dragonfly was where I learned to love yoga.

Shortly after the commencement of a regular practice (six months), I enrolled in Dragonfly Hot Yoga's 200-Hour Intensive with our lovely and awesome Director of Instruction, Tiffany Geier. I am continually grateful for the experience I shared with Tiffany and my fellow instructors. The friendships, groundedness, and confidence that I discovered during Dragonfly's Teacher Training changed my life. Prior to teaching yoga and barre, I would have considered myself shy and somewhat insecure; I no longer do.

Favorite Pose

Trikonasana. Initially, I disliked Triangle Pose (and yoga). I'm sure that strength, flexibility, and familiarity have helped establish my love for Triangle (and yoga), but I like to think I've also become more open-minded.

Favorite Quote

“Happiness, too, is a long patience.”
—Albert Camus, A Happy Death

Why I Love Dragonfly

The kind people. That our staff and clients put forth such an awesome effort to be friendly and supportive.

Little Known Fact About Me

People are typically surprised to learn that my favorite music is fairly aggressive in nature. I love hard/progressive/alternative rock. Heavy blues.