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Hanna Docter



I started practicing yoga casually in high school and early on in college as a form of cross-training for my distance running workouts. I've had a few knee surgeries and Achilles problems that eventually caused me to stop running for the time being. In August 2018 I started practicing yoga regularly at Dragonfly. In my time with Dragonfly, I've noticed my physical, mental, and social health improve dramatically while meeting lovely friends and mentors along the way.

Favorite Pose

Airplane Pose! Easier than Warrior 3 and I feel like I'm flying.

Why I Love Dragonfly

My hours spent in the studio have been my personal escape from the stressors of life as a college student. Whether I'm dragging myself out of bed for a 6AM Yoga Up or enjoying a casual afternoon Slow Flow, the feelings of safety, friendship, and fun are consistently present.

Little Known Fact About Me

My family owns a Christmas tree farm! Come visit :)