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Emily Shimskey



My first experience with yoga was in 2013 when one of my professors offered free classes before her acting class. I went to my first class very nervous I didn’t fit the “yogi” stereotype, but quickly learned that was a huge misconception! I found a healthy and healing community that supported my journey and never felt more welcomed by a group of people. I continued coming back to my mat because I found it the only place I didn’t have perform. Yoga has been my safe place to just be me ever since!

Favorite Pose

It changes everyday. Right now it’s Crow pose because I recently got as close as I’ve ever been to actually holding it! I love the challenge.

Favorite Quote

“I am one who loved not wisely, but too well.”

Why I Love Dragonfly

As a Chicago transplant, Dragonfly has been the first community to welcome me to Madison. I haven’t been here long and already feel supported, encouraged, and challenged!

Little Known Fact About Me

I was born without tear ducts! I had surgery when I was a baby but only one eye healed properly. So when my eyes start to water, my right eye continues to look like I’m crying for hours after because there is no drainage for the moisture!