Flyght Membership Benefits


Dragonfly Members enjoy great discounts at Dragonfly’s partner indoor cycling studio, FLYGHT!

Dragonfly Standby

Dragonfly Members can drop-in to any Flyght class for only $10! Just come on by 10-30 minutes before a Flyght, pay $10 and hop on a bike! Pre-registration is not allowed, so call ahead to see if there is room. Late entry is not allowed for everyone’s safety.

Class Pass Discounts

Dragonfly members get 10% off all Flyght Class Packages.

How can you take advantage of these specials? Stop by, call or email the folks at Flyght! They will verify your Dragonfly Membership and your Flyght discounts will automatically be added to your Flyght account.

Contact Flyght:
Flyght Downtown: 305 W Johnson St. Madison, WI | (608) 665-3060 |
Flyght Middleton: 515 Junction Rd. Madison, WI | (608) 203-5729 |