Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Anne Voxman

I began coming to Dragonfly in January 2016. My sister had been going to Dragonfly in Middleton for quite a while and was always talking about how wonderful it was and that I should give it a try. That January she called to let me know that there was a $20 unlimited pass and I should head over to Sun Prairie to buy one. So, I figured it was a win-win for me. Either I wouldn’t like hot yoga and she’d be off my back or I’d love it and we could share the love. Well, almost two years later I love it and we sometimes take classes together. I had done yoga at different points in my life and while I enjoyed it, it never became a passion – until now.
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Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Rebecca Kerns

In the summer of 2013, my boyfriend at the time suggested that we try the $5 flow at Dfly in Fitchburg. I had driven by the Fitchburg and Middleton locations before, but had no idea what “hot yoga” was. My workout regimen had always revolved around various gym memberships and I had never participated in group classes of any kind. I reluctantly attended a class at Dfly, having no idea what to expect. To my surprise, I was immediately hooked. I suddenly found myself trying all of the different yoga classes offered at Dfly to see what I liked best. Fire was my favorite for a long time, but I routinely rotated through the different Flow classes and Yin. After a while, I tried BarreAmped and found that I loved it, too. A year ago, I finally became brave enough to try Yoga Up and Power Up, only to find, again, that there is no class at Dfly that I don’t LOVE.
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Downtown Yogi of the Month: Gabe Grunwald

I got started again with Dfly yoga when I returned to Madison for school in August after spending the summer back home working in the Toronto area of Canada. The Dfly Downtown Madison studio has been very convenient for me and the atmosphere has been great for continuing my yoga practice.

I have been practicing yoga relatively consistently for about six years now. I started yoga as a way to compliment my other practice as an ice hockey goaltender.
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