Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Mary Schmitt


My daughter told me about Dragonfly Hot Yoga, as she knew I had been wanting to try hot yoga. She heard it was new in Sun Prairie and not too far from my home. I stopped in one day and was so well greeted. I still did not know what to think because of my age of 64 and starting yoga for the first time. I took my chances and tried a class and realized right away my age or my ability would not matter here. Everyone is welcome at Dragonfly and any ability is accepted here. The instructors encourage you to listen to your body and not to worry about your ability. Every person is treated as an individual and you choose your positions likewise. All the teachers and staff have been so amazing and ready to help in any way. I was going to try other studios but quickly decided there was no reason to look any further. I had found my happy place at Dragonfly.
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Middleton Yogis of the Month: Mark & Alice Udvari-Solner


Mark and I (Alice) came to Dragonfly to find our own practice and intention. Sometimes those elements intersect and sometimes they don’t. This resembles a life of 32 years together. Once we were inseparable. We are now more realistic about who we are individually and collectively. The beautiful thing about Dragonfly is that it fosters us as individuals seeking our own experience in each session but also allows us to have a shared experience as long-term partners.
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Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Maria Mena-Garcia


I got started at Dragonfly last year when my son and I walked into the Fitchburg studio one evening to look around and ask questions. Before Dragonfly I had little experience with yoga poses. I did not know how to maximize the benefits of each pose or how to let my body and mind be at rest. I liked the atmosphere and the pleasant calmness of the Flow class I took.

What I enjoy most from attending Dragonfly is the variety of well taught classes from the most caring and experienced instructors. They each bring their own personal touch to their class. I attend Dragonfly three times a week and enjoy every single class from Flow to Core Flow to Yoga Up and BarreAmped.
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Downtown Yogi of the Month: Brooklyn Mashaw


I started my membership with Dfly when the Downtown studio opened. I signed up for the first month trial, and have been hooked ever since. A group of friends and I enjoy going to the same classes, so it’s fun to share the experience. Dfly’s class variety allows me the freedom to practice yoga almost every day of the week. I took some classes at other yoga studios in the past, but nothing really stuck until I came to Dfly. The atmosphere is nothing like I had experienced at other places.
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