Middleton Yogi of the Month: Lori Platz


I was very excited to learn that a new yoga studio was opening up on Junction Road in Middleton during the summer of 2012. My office is nearby so this location would be convenient for me right after work, plus I was intrigued by what hot yoga was all about; so as soon as the doors opened I was signing up for classes. With very little yoga experience, I was apprehensive, but curious to see how my body would respond to exercising in a hot environment. My goal was to focus on improving flexibility and balance so yoga seemed to be the perfect fit. I tried it, loved it, and still love it!

As more of an aerobic junkie, slowing down to do yoga was challenging. I’ve always been an active person, participating in sports and exercise classes at various gyms. In the 80’s it was aerobic classes that energized me, even to the level of becoming a certified instructor. I feel committed to keeping my body in good physical condition and enjoy exercising but have always struggled with finding the right balance. Hot yoga was something new to try and I had heard how powerful it could be for both your mind and body. Within a few classes, I began to feel a part of the Dragonfly community, meeting wonderful people, enjoying a beautiful facility and feeling at ease with learning something new. I was looking for the right combination of strength and mobility, and found it here at Dragonfly.
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Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Barb Kampmeier


I started DFLY over 2 years ago. My first hot flow class was intense as I had been practicing in a normal temperature studio for 9 years. It felt great to sweat out all the impurities and also get deeper into poses with the 95 degree room.

What I love about DFLY classes are the variety of cardio, strength and flexibility opportunities offered. Katie, Mairin and Kaila have relentless enthusiasm to push us through BarreAmped Cardio Boot Camp. Nichole and Tami’s energy get us to rev up our heart rate in Power Up.

Carrie and Tiffany provide fun sweet humor to teach the very hard Core Flow and Yoga Up classes. My reward and favorite classes are Will and Michelle’s light hearted and welcoming Flow class. At the end of a hard work day it’s nice to do yoga to stretch and unwind in the heated room.
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