Middleton Yogi of the Month: Ann Neale

I was looking for a gentler workout, my step daughter suggested Hot Yoga and Dragonfly.

I had no experience with Yoga and was a bit intimidated by it. I felt I wasn’t flexible enough. I really couldn’t touch my toes when I began! I was hooked after my first class. The heat is also very comforting to me. 

I loved the atmosphere at Dragonfly immediately. As an Interior Designer I love the way it looks. (Important to me.) The staff is open, warm and friendly. I like the diversity in the age of the members, the many class choices and the great instructors. 
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Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Lindsay Lease

Prior to Dragonfly I had only taken one yoga class; I’ve always been interested in yoga but never really got around to actually joining a studio. One day I just decided to finally go for it and after looking around at local studios I found that I liked what Dragonfly stood for the best. I have never been very coordinated, so I liked that it was a studio for all levels.
I like how friendly everyone is and how all of the instructors add elements of their own style into the classes and the variety of classes offered.
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Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Jeff Hilliard

Last spring my daughter, Riley, was taking Dragonfly classes and encouraged me to come and try one out as her guest. So I did. I was looking for different workouts from the biking, running and basketball that I do, and as my daughters have 'left the nest', I try to take advantage of any opportunities to spend time with them. Even new things! One MadPower class pretty much had me hooked and I have been doing 4-5 classes per week ever since. Most of my focus has been in the Power and Fit classes (it would be hard to pick a favorite!) and I am now starting to explore some of the other classes.

I did not have prior yoga experience before Dragonfly and am learning how beneficial these classes can be. I think for me personally, getting older and doing the same sports for years, Dragonfly classes have helped to awaken less utilized muscles, build a stronger core, and overall improve my balance, all with very low impact activity. Even the same classes during the week will be different enough and push something else for me.
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Middleton Yogi of the Month: Michelle Felder

I was looking for something I could commit to because the gym just wasn't motivating me to stay active. I was unsure at first because I hate being hot. Boy, am I glad I did not listen to myself. What I enjoy most about the classes are the teachers. Everyone has their own personality and energy that they bring to class and no class is the same.

My mood throughout the work day has changed drastically. Most days, I would have a lot of tension and frustration when dealing with many different types of people. Now I can relax and not let things bother me. I also smile more!
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