Hey Dfly: Your Questions Answered

Q: Hey Dfly, How did you make that 30/60 day yoga challenge board that you have at the Middleton Studio? Also, where did you get that awesome huge metal Dragonfly behind the desk?

A. Glad you asked! Our one-of-a kind Challenge Board at our Middleton location was created with a joint effort by Dragonfly graphic designer Katie U. and staff member Inge S. Inge worked with Madison metal fabrication company, Sparks N Splinters, to get both the Dragonfly symbol and challenge board sign. The board is galvanized steel so it’s magnetic and won’t rust. Katie then meticulously created the grid using special orange tape, a pencil, a metal ruler and lots of patience. Wow! All that was left to do was to get some custom magnets made, hand it over to Inge for mounting & hanging, and voila – the best challenge board ever!

For the Dragonfly, Sparks N Splinters again came to our aid, precision cutting the logo out of a piece of aluminum and welding hanging brackets onto the back. Inge and her husband then attached orange rope lighting with clips & epoxy, and there you have it! Instant icon.

And look out Fitchburg! Your very own custom Challenge Board is coming real soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

The Week of the Dragonflies

8 Days of Appreciation, Prizes, & Giving
June 23 – June 30th, 2013

June is a special time at Dragonfly! It’s the 1st anniversary of our Middleton studio, and the 2nd anniversary of our Fitchburg studio! To say THANK YOU to you, we are having a week of celebration– trivia contests, a raffle, donation-based classes, and more!

We also want to spread the love to our greater community, which is why the week will also be a big ol’ fundraiser for a charity that’s close to our hearts, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

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Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Jared Meyer

I decided to give yoga a try to help my back feel better. I built doors throughout college to help pay for tuition, and over time all the heavy lifting pretty much destroyed my back. Even after 2 years, I still have lower back and hip pain. After a particularly bad week last August, it was bad enough to the point where I could hardly walk. I had heard that yoga was good for your back and hips, so I figured I’d give it a shot to see if it helped.

Before starting at Dragonfly, I had no yoga experience at all. I had been passively interested in it for a while, though. My first yoga experience was an intro to yoga class with Katie Hill. I enjoy the mix of challenging physical activity along with relaxation. Some of the poses will cause your muscles to scream at you, while other poses are very relaxing and feel great. I’ve always been a fan of hot environments too, so when I found out that hot yoga was a thing, I had to try it. Before I started at Dragonfly, I had no idea that my body could produce as much sweat as it does in some classes.
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