Middleton Yogi of the Month: Paula Toltzien

When I first started my yoga journey last November, I had just completed a 12-week “Biggest Losers” boot camp and was looking for a different kind of a workout. My two daughters, Tina and Kelly, went to Dragonfly and recommended it to me. They said that if I tried it I would love it just as much as they did.

I remember being at the front desk and saying that I was looking for a workout that was a little easier and less intense than boot camp had been. Sean was there and he smiled at my remark. I had never done yoga before and did not realize how much energy and strength it would take on my part to really succeed. After my first class with Sean, I was hooked and soon came to look forward to taking classes.
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Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Carol Chvala

I started Dragonfly this past January as an escape from winter. I have been practicing yoga regularly for 7 years. I began with hot yoga, and have always loved how limber my body is in the heat. I have experience with hot yoga, and non-heated yoga, but Dragonfly introduced me to the in-between temperatures, which allow me to be limber but not overly hot.

I like to mix up my classes by taking BarreAmped, Fit and Fire. The variety of classes offered at Dragonfly allows me to strengthen and lengthen my muscles. I really need the strengthening classes, along with the traditional yoga asana (postures).
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Carrie & Dave’s 40th Birthday Bash!

Fun! Fun! Fun! Join Carrie on her 40th birthday for two special versions of her BarreAmped & Core Flow classes! Each class will feature the DJ stylings of Dragonfly’s own Dave Sharif (who also happens to be turning 40!). So come on out and celebrate good times!

Birthday Bash Classes
April 25, 2013 • 6:30pm – 7:30pm • BarreAmped • Middleton
April 25, 2013 • 8:00pm – 9:90pm • Core Flow • Middleton

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lululemon’s Sweat This City Challenge w/ Sarah Mathis

Sarah Mathis is a lululemon ambassador and kickin’ Dragonfly instructor! We are excited to team up with them and offer the opportunity for you to take one FREE class with her, including our super popular BarreAmped classes!

So get sweaty with Sarah and lululemon’s 7 other ambassadors! Lululemon is giving the gift of fitness to you by offering 1 complimentary class per ambassador from April 14th-28th. To participate, stop by their Hilldale Mall location to pick up a “sweat this city” class card! The challenge is to attend 8 fitness classes in 14 days, 1 class per each of their awesome, exciting, and inspirational local ambassadors. Upon signing up for the challenge, you’ll receive a “Sweat This City” card, which will be your golden ticket to the complimentary classes during the challenge and also a log of your progress in completing the challenge. This challenge is for EVERYONE – current and new students!
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