Middleton Yogi of the Month: Patty Heaston

Miss Patty started at Dragonfly with a Summer Groupon and couldn't make the full 31 days before becoming a monthly member!

There is so much she enjoys about the Dragonfly classes, the AMAZING instructors that guide “Her Body by Dragonfly”, the variety of the classes and the variety within the classes depending on the instructor.

Patty feels that she is gaining the most from the fabulous Dragonfly community. “I have met so many wonderful, amazing, strong and inspiring individuals on the mats around me and I'm always excited to see new Yogi's at practice.”

Patty made some significant life changes over the summer and that was to be more physically active. “I wanted to feel better inside and out. By the time I got on my mat, I had improved my physique but am realizing with each practice, that I had not done work on the inside.”

“Dragonfly is helping me to be a more humble, open hearted and open-minded person. I am slowly learning how to not self-criticize and to honor my own progress at my own pace.”

You will see Patty attending class daily (often will do 2 or 3 classes a day). Her favorite class is the one she happens to be in at the time. Her favorite poses are Eagle and Half Moon within the Flow classes. Her challenges for 2013 are to hold Crow and find peace in Downward Dog.

She recently gifted herself a dragonfly tattoo!

Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Alyssa Price

My husband first introduced me to Dragonfly. He moved to the Madison area before I moved up with the kids, and he found Dragonfly through a co-worker. He took me to a class during a visit, and I was hooked before I even officially moved here!

There are so many things I enjoy in my Dragonfly classes! I love being inspired by all the other yogis. As a southern girl, I love the heat and the sweat. I love the feeling that I have slowed down my life and my mind for 60-90 minutes and have focused on myself. Most of all, I love that even when I have a difficult time coming to class, I always feel better about myself and have a better outlook when I leave the studio!
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Megan and Dfly in the State Journal!

Dragonfly owner Megan Ryan Kaiser was featured in Monday’s edition of the Wisconsin State Journal as part of their Emerging Business Series!

Check out the article here:
Yoga is hot at Dragonfly Studios

We also want to share some of Megan’s responses that didn’t make it into the article to give you a better idea of what Dragonfly is all about and how it started!
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Fly Girls Flew…

…soared, and achieved liftoff! What an amazing group of girls ages 11-14, came through Dragonfly doors for our first tween girl workshop. We had about 25 different girls take part in this 3 day endeavor over Winter Break.

Each of the days offered a different yoga focus. On Day 1, we learned Sun Salutations, and Balances. Day 2 was devoted to Inversions and Back Bending. Day 3, was about our Core and Arm Balancing. The girls were so eager and ready to try anything I threw at them. They all loved showing me their wheels, tri-pods, head stands, and handstands. Some were very excited to show me their cartwheels and round-offs as well. (Hee-hee, wrong class, but funny none the less). We spent time playing yoga games, moving through different yoga “centers” and the girls were awesome at creating their own sequences too!
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Fitchburg & Middleton Yogi of the Month: Peggy Harting

Peggy, an ER nurse of 22 years, believes Hot Yoga to be the best gift she has ever given herself. The physical demand of her job was all the activity she thought she needed. Fitness outside of work was not a part of her lifestyle.

Her daughter-in-law suggested they try out Dragonfly Hot Yoga as a way to bring wellness into Peggy’s life. She began with our Introductory One Month Unlimited offer. “I wanted the start of my fitness experience to be well-rounded and thought Hot Yoga would be a great place to start. The combination of relaxation and fitness really sparked my interest.”

Peggy started with our Fire class and fell in love. She appreciated the set sequence, as it helped her know what to expect each class which, in turn, provided time to build confidence in each pose. Warrior II is the pose Peggy finds to be the most beautiful and powerful. “Hot Yoga is a perfect blend of strength and beauty. I feel amazing ever since I started the practice. It has unlocked something inside of me! I want everyone to experience what it can do for them physically and mentally.”
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