Business of the Month: Scott's Windows

When you come to take a class at Dragonfly Hot Yoga, you can’t help but notice the floor to ceiling windows in the studio and the lobby. It’s what makes our studio stand out from others…that natural light. It takes a special company to keep those windows sparkling clean so yogis can get that feeling of natural light. Some yogis even say the windows and the light that comes in makes them feel as if they’re practicing yoga outside. We sat down with Scott Thompson, owner of Scott’s Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing Service to ask him about his business and his relationship with Dragonfly Hot Yoga.
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Kelly Patterson: Yogi of the Month

When we sat down with Kelly Patterson to talk about her being nominated by Tola Neils as Yogi of the Month for July, she was on day 49 of her 60 day challenge.

“It’s kind of an addiction. I finished a 30 day challenge without even thinking about it. So I thought, might as well go for 60.”

Kelly takes classes every morning, sometimes two on Tuesdays and Thursdays. “Sometimes I come back at night.”

“I love Dragonfly Fusion. That one’s probably my favorite, and I don’t get to go to it that often because I go in the morning. I have to make time for it because it’s a really challenging class and it’s kind of different than most of the Flows. You get that Fire aspect to it. I love the heat.”
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Hot Yoga in the Summertime

Hot Yoga in the winter? Yes, please. Hot Yoga in the summer? This may take a little more convincing. Here are five great reasons for why you should do hot yoga in the summer.

1. You will be more acclimated to the summer weather.
Ever notice how your electric bill goes up in the summer as the temperatures rise? In Madison, 85 degrees feels hot. Imagine how amazing it will feel after spending 60-90 minutes in 90-105 degree heat!

2. The hot room will feel cooler.
Conversely, you’re already acclimated to the heat outside. Stepping into a room that’s heated to 105 degrees, your body only has to adjust a few degrees as opposed to the 60-70 degree difference in wintertime.
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Happy Anniversary!

One year ago today as I walked up to the doors of what now can be called Dragonfly One, my third chakra was aflutter with that butterflies in the stomach feeling. Could I do this? Could I realistically tell people to stretch, sweat, and breathe? Would they listen to me? Would anyone show up?

As I opened the door to the beautiful studio which I now consider my second home, I saw Megan’s face and knew everything would be all right. What had been just a dream a few months ago when we spoke on the phone was now becoming a reality.

Dragonfly Hot Yoga was open for business.
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You are Yoga

I was taking Bikram class in San Antonio when I heard the teacher say, “Natalie, what are you doing? That’s not yoga!” I heard William Broad (the author of the contentious book The Science of Yoga) call Laughter Yoga (not “real” yoga). I’ve heard “gurus” of a certain style of yoga snidely state that any type of yoga style other than their own is “not yoga.”

What the wha???

What is “Yoga” exactly?
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Madeline Oleson: Yogi of the Month

Madeline Oleson was just looking for a form of exercise that she could enjoy. And when her good friend Erica McCool started talking about Dragonfly Hot Yoga every time the two met, Madeline wanted to try out the hot room. The January Groupon brought her in.

Prior to Dragonfly Hot Yoga, Madeline had only done yoga on her Wii Fiit. But she says, “It’s been the first exercise experience where I’ve really enjoyed coming every time. I just feel great when I’m done. I’ve seen changes and felt changes not only in my physical body, but also just my happiness and just feeling good about life in general.”
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